is an easy software solution that was specifically built to serve the ad hoc payment needs of service businesses. We also happen to be your processor, reducing the number of vendors you interact with and streamlining support.  My Payment Network also provides software training and support to your payers, unlike solutions like PayPal.  The software supports:

  • Online, invoice, mobile and in-person (swipe) payments
  • Installment/recurring payments
  • Payment from all your social media properties
  • Specialized reports that make reconciliation a snap
  • Streamline application and paperwork
  • No PCI Compliance fees
  • Direct settlement to any number of bank accounts
  • GL tracking for every payment item


  • $199 Set up Fee
  • $19 a month 
  • Transaction Rate 
    • 2.69% + .$0.30 (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)
    • 3.5% American Express
    • ACH .75% + $0.50
    • Cash/paper check $0.15